Episode 4: This podcast episode looks at how the childs intrinsic motivation and self exploration is thwarted, and replaced with an unhealthy compulsive compliance to meet the needs of their narcissistic parent. The Narcissist uses fear of abandonment or annihilation to mould the child into servitude.  The childs authenticity is discouraged from forming, as child healthy development & desire for independence threatens the narcissists control. The Childs true self can coexist with the demands of the narcissist, as physiological survival wold be compromised.

To cope with this dilemma the child exiles parts of themselves that trigger abuse for the narcissistic parent. A false sense of self emerges, or an unauthentic ego state becomes the Childs new identity. A learned sense of helplessness and self abandonment become the only way to function. this pattern is well established before the child is even aware that their emotional development has been compromised.

Overtime without correction and therapeutic intervention, the child losses complete Intrinsic motivation and the ability to sense and feel ones own body and becomes conflicted by thoughts and emotions that are fragmented, and seem to be dialectally oposed. 

The abused child becoming an adult, becomes fearful of their own bodies and being in their own skin. As being and knowing themselves bring with it horrible emotional flashbacks that are life threatening, just as they were in the presence of their narcissistic parent.  An individual can not live without self acceptance and self compassion, desires hopes and aspirations for a future, yet the mere thought of these concepts are inconceivable because the mere thought of considering themselves, reflexivly trigger emotional flashbacks so server that they are confronted with the prospect of psychological death every time they attempt to consider normal healthy desires, wants and needs. 

This has devastating effects on social and civic participation, relationships, career orientation, and even identifying a safe place to call home. Its no surprise that homeless and poverty are often undesirable consequences of child abuse, wanting and asking for basic human needs, historically brought with it threats of abandonment and annihilation, so the individual now avoids the very things they need to make life liveable, as they were conditioned to never seek desire or want for themselves. 

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